Need help with your next on-line production? Confused by the complexities of digital.  Then let’s talk.

I’m an experienced digital producer, editor and project manager with a comprehensive background developing results-oriented websites, promotional videos, web-based content and marketing campaigns.

You’ll find I’m both an high level strategist and a ’hands-on’ specialist with a deep well of working digital knowledge. I’m a ‘maker’ and creator as well as a producer. I’ve personally designed, built, and launched a great many digital components, along with many of the ecosystems they were deployed to.

I leverage this valuable perspective of digital production experience paired with business acumen on every project. It’s what differentiates me from someone who’s simply a coordinator. By understanding the complexities of digital production from the inside out I’ve developed a common sense approach and solutions. This naturally gives me advantages when it comes to running smoother, faster and more efficient projects. I’m also easily adaptable to all kinds of situations:

    • A fast, simple approach or projects with time-heavy processes
    • Working with third parties or in-house teams
    • Complicated client teams on big integrated productions

So in closing, think of me as this fast, focused, digital partner whose ready to evaluate the situation and hit the ground running with solutions to help you successfully manage and deliver your next digital project.

Digital Skills

  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Writing & Editing

Professional Strengths

  • I speak multiple languages: Sales, Design, Client, Code
  • Can take a lead role in the development and production of digital work
  • Hands-on creator of videos, websites, social content, and on-line advertising
  • Perform complex video shooting, editing and optimizing for online viewing
  • Lead staff in the design/ development/ production process from start to finish
  • Manage production resources, maintain budgets and meet deadlines
  • Monitoring and supervising the nuances of digital production

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Whether you'd like to start a project or talk about your business challenges, I’m ready to help.